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We’re serious about making you speak French.

Here’s what people say:

I’ve learned real-life dialogues I’m actually using with my colleagues in Paris. This is so awesome. 



San Francisco Bay Area , USA

I couldn’t believe I’ll be able to really speak French so quickly. What a clever method.



London, UK

Genius! It’s fun like participating in a game show. I finish every lesson with a huge smile on my face.



New York City, USA

And here’s why it worked so well for them:

Based on science

Tokfrench lessons are based on the most recent findings in brain research about cognition.

We’ve prepared the lessons in a way that makes it easy for your brain to understand and remember French grammar and vocabulary successfully. 

A survey of 742 people shows they made better progress with Tokfrench than with any other option of learning French. 

Quick results

Tokfrench makes people talk French faster than any other option because it shortens the learning curve by up to a whopping 79%.

Crazy, right?

We discovered a way to make you conversational in French very quickly. 

It turns out you save a lot of time and money when you learn French the way your brain wants. 


You will have fun during your Tokfrench lessons because that’s the way we planned them.

People told us it feels like the perfect combination of the effectiveness of a private French teacher with the engagement of a digital online tool; you enjoy both worlds’ strengths. 

When you start seeing results so fast, you’re more motivated to keep going.