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Tokfrench is the fastest and most efficient way today to learn French. Come join us!

Tokfrench is located in Paris, France.

Most tourists and expatriates we’ve met for coffee and croissant (what else?) shared their struggles with learning French. 

So we’ve started a journey to fix that. You will start speaking French with no struggle because Tokfrench is based on the latest findings in brain research. 92% of our students became conversational in French faster than with any other option of learning French. 

Those remarkable results put us at the forefront of learning French. 

With Tokfrench, you can start speaking French in just 15 minutes. Type your name below and try for yourself. 

Get To Know Us

Roy Miz

Founder & CEO

Hello everyone, 

This is Roy. Thanks for taking the time to explore Tokfrench and consider us as your partner in your journey of learning French. 

It is a journey, alright.

I moved to live in Paris in 2017 without knowing a word in French. Well, maybe I knew to say “bonjour”. It means hello. And also “bisous” (you pronounce it bee-zoo). It means a kiss 🙂

But besides these words, I certainly couldn’t have a conversation in French.

And I’ve tried so many different options for learning French. Offline options like a French course and different online options. 

I was very motivated to learn French because I live in Paris, and I have to be able to communicate in a city where most people don’t feel comfortable speaking English.

Though I was motivated, I didn’t have much time to learn after work. It turns out that going to a French class twice a week for 2 hours is not enough. I actually need to sit and learn and practice by myself beyond those 4 hours per week (6.5 hours per week if you consider commuting). 

I just couldn’t find that extra time to do that. So I tried online options which are more flexible, like Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone and others. 

I had the time to use those tools for hours and hours. But so little progress. 

Desperate, I’ve decided to devise my own tool for learning French. I’ve pumped up my French just enough to pass a governmental French test and officially achieved A1 level in French in a matter of just a few hours. 

If that was so powerful for me, it must be powerful for many others, right? 

That’s where my journey with Tokfrench started. 

Join me. I am on the same journey as you.

We’ll make you speak French. Quickly. 

Kindest regards, 



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We have raised funds for our operations and growth from individual investors from North America and Europe.

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