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Learning French from top to bottom is what most people want. Here’s what it means.

Learning French From Top To Bottom

The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) organises language proficiency in six levels.

When you start learning French, getting to the first level A1 is your goal. 

Tokfrench A1 Course

You get to the A1 level when you can communicate about simple and day to day tasks using simple, direct and familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases.

You’ll start speaking French in 15 minutes, but the time it takes you to get to A1 depends solely on how much time you can make each week for learning French. 

With both options below, you can have as many lessons and exercises as you want. You can learn French for just 15 minutes every day or 3 hours twice a week. 

If you’ll put about 30 minutes every day you’ll get to A1 level in about a year. If you can put more time one average every day, you’ll get to A1 even sooner!

So if you are serious about learning French, choose SERIOUSLY below to save money. If you’re not sure, then start with LIGHTLY below and we’ll take it from there one month at a time.


learn on your own pace
$ 19 /month
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Pay once a month
  • Stop at any time



learn every day for sure
$ 199 /year
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Pay just once
  • Save $29

Here are some FAQs about the table above:

With almost any payment method available in your country. 

You can pay with any debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and with several other payment services available for your country from WeChat Pay to Clearpay. 


Sure, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

If you cancel your annual subscription within 14 days, you’ll receive your money back.

If you cancel your annual subscription after 14 days have passed, we will deduct from the amount you paid 9$ for each Tokfrench lesson you’ve participated in and refund you with the rest.

We have more answers to questions you might have about that in here.

When you compare time to learn French and total cost, Tokfrench is your best option relative to all other options of learning French. We’ve already done the math for you >> see it for yourself.   

Try one lesson for free to see for yourself how powerful Tokfrench lessons are. You’ll start speaking French in 15 minutes. Fill in your name below and let’s go >>

Learn With A Friend

Learning French with a friend means you both win because you both pay less!

It can be a neighbour, a family member or a colleague from work. Or maybe just someone from your Pilates class. 

You are going to hold each other accountable for learning French, and we want to support that!

If you are serious about learning French, choose SERIOUSLY below and you’ll both save  about $80. 


learn with a friend on your own pace
$ 19 /month
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Stop at any time
  • 4th month for FREE



learn with a frinend every day
$ 149 /year
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Pay just once
  • Save $79

Here are some FAQs about learning French with a friend:

You get everything you need to get to A1 level of proficiency in French.

You’ll get explanations about vocabulary and grammar narrated by French teachers. 

You’ll get endless and unlimited exercises to practice everything you learn. 

We’ve prepared the lessons in a way that makes it easy for your brain to understand and remember French grammar and vocabulary successfully.

A survey of 742 people shows they made better progress with Tokfrench than with any other option of learning French.

Try now the first lesson. It’s free. 

We have more answers to questions you might have about that in here.

Tokfrench A2 Course

Tokfrench A2 course can take your French from A1 level to A2.

You get to the A2 level when you can use popular expressions and exchange information on familiar and routine matters.

Access to this course is limited to selected students who help us make final improvements.

It's going to be available in April 2023.

Click the button below to join the waiting list and be rewarded with a 10% discount for this course once it's available for purchase.

Tailor-Made Tokfrench Lessons

Some people ask us to fast track their way to be able to communicate in French for very specific situations, like a business presentation, an audition or hiking in the Loire Valley (just a thought).

They just want to know the right vocabulary for these situations. They don’t want to learn French from top to bottom. At least not now. We’re here to help.

If you have any specific request, we can make a tailor-made course just for your immediate needs.

That was the case with Ron, a businessman from Minneapolis coming to France to make a presentation and form a relationship with a new supplier. 

He just wanted to say in French the key take away messages from the presentation and a couple of phrases and sentences which might come in handy during and after the meeting. 

Being able to talk in French, even with a little accent, made a good impression on his new supplier. Yes, that's right. He signed the deal! 

Click the button below to order your own tailor-made Tokfrench lessons. 

Business Solutions

We provide global organizations special rates for their employees to learn French.

The curriculum is tailor-made.

Instead of learning French from top to bottom, employees can also learn French for specific situations at work where they are most likely to benefit from communicating in French.

Gift Cards

You can buy someone you care about a gift card on any amount so they can use it to learn French.

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