Our Method

Our method makes people speak French. Quickly.

Tokfrench method shortens the learning curve of learning French by up to 79%.

That’s because it is based on the most recent findings in brain research about cognition, combined with the most advanced technologies in learning, like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Initially, we were aiming to make you know French as fast as Neo came to know Kong Fu. Do you remember that scene? 

Neo, Keanu Reeves’s character in the 1999 film “The Matrix”, utters one of the most memorable lines in the movie: “I know kung fu”.

He says this line after a futuristic computer connected to his head has finished “downloading” the martial art directly to his brain in just a few seconds.

If only it were that easy, right?

Well, actually, it wasn’t that easy because after that scene in the movie (here’s a reminder), Neo had to continue learning by going through lengthy Kong Fu exercises with Morpheus.

So if you take it all together, our unique method makes you speak French as fast as Neo came to know Kong Fu.

You’re welcome.

This is true because Tokfrench lessons already have the learning and the practising together in one place. Done in the most efficient way there is today.

92% of our students become conversational in French faster than with any other option of learning French. 

It happens because the way we teach you French is backed by the most advanced scientific research about learning a new language and the latest discoveries about cognition.

Let’s explore some key elements in our method. 

Learn like an adult. Practice like a child.

Most children learn their first language in the following order:

1. Hear.

2. Talk.

3. Read.

4. Write.

First, children hear how people around them speak, and as time goes by, they start to repeat what they hear in the right moment and the right context. 

It’s a long and exciting process. 

As an adult, you come to learn French with a huge advantage. You already know at least one language. You know English.

Many online and offline methodologies ignore that fact and teach you French the way we would teach a child.

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to suggest an adult learning a second language needs a different approach pedagogically than a child (here’s a recent study about that from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). 

So that’s exactly what we did. We have a different, more powerful approach to teaching you French. As an adult.

We follow scientific evidence and actually use your English to your advantage because that way, you skip lengthy and unnecessary steps children may need them.

But not you.

If we’ll remove those lengthy unnecessary steps the way this scientific article in Nature suggests (here’s a link), you learn French faster and more accurately. 

There’s one thing children do, and you will do it a lot too: repetitions. 

There’s plenty of science on the power of repetitions and the right ways to do it (here’s one scientific paper about that).

You will sense the power of repetitions done right during your first Tokfrench lesson (click here to start right now).

The other thing children do, and you will do it too while learning French with us, is playing games.

Created By French Teachers

We’ve recruited some of the best French teachers we could find in our city. 

We are located in Paris, France. Which is a great place to look for the best French teachers, don’t you think?

Our French teachers have many years of experience teaching students from all over the world to communicate in French. 

They are the real engine behind each Tokfrench lesson, so when you learn French with Tokfrench, it feels as if you’re doing a video call with a private professional French teacher. 

Our French teachers know all too well the difficulties students usually have while they learn French; they know how students think and react to each step in learning French.

 And that’s exactly what makes each Tokfrench lesson feel at the same time so personal and professional.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’re 100% into evidence-based learning practices, and AI takes our already powerful method to a whole new level!

AI capabilities are already ingrained in almost every corner of Tokfrench. Let’s take the game “Reply Quick and Make It Stick” as an example. 

AI has calculated the order and the timing, down to the millisecond, of the steps in the game. 

That’s important because it turns out that every millisecond counts. 

Our neurons (the cells which make up most of our brain) fire information very fast. AI keeps us in sync with the speed of our neurons.

Long intervals between steps of the game make your neurons bored, and short intervals deny them from making an optimal implementation of the new information you’re learning.

AI takes care of it for us and makes every Tokfrench lesson works exactly the way your neurons work. 

On top of it, in the advanced Tokfrench lessons, our AI machine makes adaptations to each student, so the lessons each one of our students gets are personalized.


Setting The Atmosphere

When you look at the image above you might think it’s just a typical classroom in a school.

And you’re right! That’s exactly what it is.

This is also the classroom where your Tokfrench lessons are taking place (and if you haven’t already, you can join in for free right here).

There’s some sunlight coming from the windows on the left. Have you noticed it?

We know for a fact your subconscious has noticed that even before you’ve been consciously aware of it.  

But anyway, what does it have to do with learning French? 

Quite a lot, it turns out.

We’ve gone through all the research available about subliminal cues and how they impact your brain while learning a new language (this Psychology Today article is a great start), so we made sure the graphic design of our Tokfrench lessons will support your brain while you learn French. 

It turns out many design elements add up and can dramatically influence the success of the learning process.

So we worked with some of the best graphic designers out there to get every pixel just right.

We’ve optimised more than just the images to be cognitive-friendly.

Every single element in a Tokfrench lesson is thoroughly calculated, from sound effects to how exactly the teacher talks.

Take the keyboard typing sound as another example. It increases your focus by at least 27% (relative to no sound at all) and streghten your memory of what you’ve learned.

Experience it for yourself. Start speaking French in just 15 minutes and try a Tokfrench lesson for free right here.